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There are 3 ways we can work together...
Bach Flower Remedy Bottle
Intuitive Readings

"I believe in steady progress and taking things one step at a time. Quantum shifts may happen but I believe in making small changes that over time create big shifts. I believe in miracles, and I believe miracles are simply a shift in perception." 

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"Working with Becky and the Bach flower remedies has been an exceptionally helpful experience. Becky’s knowledge of the intricacies of the individual flowers and their properties is exceptional. She listens carefully and asks targeted questions that enable her to determine which combination of remedies would be the most beneficial for each individual at a specific time. I would highly recommend working with Becky."

- Bobbie D.

"Becky's reading provided me with insight and perspective that was so needed in order to shift some areas that were really stuck for me. I felt more peace and clarity immediately. Highly recommend!"

- Colleen G.

"Becky is able to 'hold the space' for me during my coaching sessions in a way that is genuine, compassionate and free from any judgments, allowing me to feel safe to explore my own vulnerabilities and true feelings. I have noticed that when I allow myself to honestly express how I am feeling in her presence, with her encouragement, I am able to work through old patterns and establish new beliefs embracing a more positive perspective, especially when it comes to self acceptance."

-Karen S.

"The reading I recently received from Becky is truly the best I have ever had.  I have been on a spiritual path for such a long time and have experienced many insights from many people. However, this one from Becky was truly unforgettable. I wrote notes but don’t even need to refer to them for backup as her messages were so clear, heartfelt and touching that they are burned into my soul for retrieval any time I need to resurrect her thoughts. Even her email/MP3 delivery contains a voice that is so toned and melodic that it soothes one’s energy the minute it begins.  Becky’s mantra is to never leave a client with a sore heart, but I will flip her words to attest to the fact that she made my heart soar. When she mentioned my mother and our agreed upon symbol for each other totally unprompted, I felt tears cascade down my cheeks and a smile touch my soul. Thank you for sharing your gift Becky!"

- Dina C.

"I have been a big fan of Bach Flower remedies for a number of years, especially the Rescue Remedy formula. I feel it's something that everyone should have in their alternative medicine cabinet. However, there are times when you can really benefit by having the expertise of a Bach Flower consultant and that person is definitely Becky Wisniewski. She has a keen ability and a gift for listening and helping to narrow down and get to the heart of the matter that you're working on and interpreting it on a  mind-body-spirit level. I appreciate the ways she reviews the discussion and then makes an informed and collaborative recommendation on remedies that go into a custom blend."

- Linda E.

“I have been struggling with things in my life and was looking for someone who would be able to lend an ear and give advice with no judgement and have found that in Becky. When she coached me, she took the time, fully listened and offered some good sound advice which has helped me take care of me for once. I would highly recommend her.”

- Cheryl H.

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