Online/Zoom - Spiritual Discussion Group
"How to Set Intentions for the Life You Desire"
Jan 21st, 2021

3rd Thursday of every month:  7:00-8:30pm

January is the perfect time to begin again! And energy flows where intentions go. Join us as we discuss ways to intend what we want to create through affirmations, telling a new story, segment intending and more. Setting Intentions is a powerful way to stand in our power and create the life we want to live! Your input is welcome and appreciated!

Please mark you calendar as every month I facilitate this group the 3rd Thursday of each month. We discuss the Law of Attraction and how to manifest the things and conditions that we want to create, how to incorporate spiritual principals into our daily life, and "Energy Forecasts" from well respected spiritual channels.

Our group is based on the works of Abraham-Hicks and other spiritual voices that resonate with their uplifting and empowering teachings.

Please join us!

Cost is $15 

Virtual Spiritual Readings
Sunday: Dec 13th.  By Appointment: 12:00-4:00pm 


Booking in advance is required. Click buttons here to schedule now:

Becky has recently completed her Santosha Professional Mediumship Certification and is anxious to help others with her gifts and wisdom. Her inspiring messages are filled with love and healing leaving her clients feeling uplifted and empowered.


Find guidance and wisdom from your Spiritual Team! During her spiritual readings, Becky connects with your Spirt Guides, Angels and passed loved ones and shares the unique and personal messages that she receives. Find peace, comfort, and the guidance that flows to you on your path in life!

*Payment due at time of reading. Cash, check, Venmo, Credit cards accepted. 

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