In a Bach Flower consultation, you will be guided by Becky Wisniewski, to assess your current situation to determine which essences will help you. Consultations can be done in person or over the phone. Initial sessions are usually 60 minutes in length. Follow up sessions can be as brief or lengthy as necessary to "check-in" about your feelings and the efficiency of the Bach flower remedy. Click on the Questionnaire button now and answer questions to help Becky determine which flower essences will help you.
















Initial Consultations
Initial Consultations typically take an hour, giving Becky a more in depth picture of your situation and are valued at $75 (Price includes remedy)
Follow-up Sessions
Follow-ups are often shorter than the initial consult, and are valued at $50. This is a great time for you to report any noticed changes after completing the 3 week time period of taking your remedy. Becky will tweak your remedy as needed to adjust for any new emotions that have come to the surface. (Price includes remedy)
Members commit to 4 consultations and remedies and is valued at $160. This relationship allows Becky to better learn from clients' experiences with the remedies and refine her recommendations. New members may join at any time. (Price includes remedies)                                                      


Host a party at your home and invite friends to experience a private Bach Flower Consultation and customized remedy. As the host, your consultation and remedy will be free of charge and your friends will receive a reduced rate! This is a fun way to learn about the flower essences in a relaxed setting.

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