Bach Flower Therapy

Bach Flower essences are natural remedies derived from flowers and trees in nature that relieve stress and prevent and heal illness. They were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's. Dr. Bach was a physician, surgeon, bacteriologist, immunologist, and homeopath who found that in working with his patients that at the root of their physical illnesses were emotional imbalances. He then set out to discover a simple system of healing that would be safe and have no side effects. In his search he discovered 38 flowering plants and trees that balanced specific negative emotions and formulated them into homeopathic mixtures. These liquids, known as the Bach Flower Essences, can be taken internally in over 200 million combinations to address negative states of mind. Best of all, they are safe, non-toxic and will not interact with any other forms of treatment. The Bach Flower Essences are manufactured under strict guidelines for safety and purity which are established by the World Health Organization and are available word wide. 



Becky Wisniewski, BFRP

Bach Foundation Certified Practitioner

Becky Wisniewski is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. She helps people find emotional balance through the use of Bach Flower Essences. Are you feeling stuck in your life? Would you like to find a solution to your problems? Do your negative emotions cause you to veer off course in your life? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then Bach Flower Essences can help you.


Becky's training and experience allows her to get to the heart of your problems and create real and lasting solutions through dialogue and inquiry which leads her to the perfect blend of flower essences just for you. Your customized remedy will be unique to you and your situation. She will zero in on your most bothersome issues and address those things, first, for the most optimal and accelerated healing experience possible. Once you experience the miraculous effects of the flower essences, you will become a believer and have access to a new way of living that you never thought possible!



  Becky Meyer Wisniewski

  • Certifications:


  • Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner with teacher Nancy Buono, Director of Bach Flower Education (2012-2016)

  • Psychic Development with teachers Winnie Doran & Jesse Wicher (April & May 2014, February & March 2016)

  • Reiki 1 with teacher Jesse Wicher (June 2014)

  • Santosha Certified Professional Medium (Program completed with Angie Hewett-Abt 2020)

  • Ongoing Intuitive Development with teacher Angie Hewett-Abt (December 2014 to present)

  • Spiritual Insight Training with teacher Elaine Thomas, Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale (September 2015)

  • Healing with Energy with teachers Winnie Doran & Jesse Wicher (October & November 2015)

  • 30 year background in Spiritual Studies and application including Law of Attraction, Meditation and Self Improvement (1989 to present)


"I was surprised how an essence of a flower could give help and make a change in me. They are safe and certainly worth a try. Have a remedy made for yourself. Becky is a great listener and takes the time to be sure she understands your issue.“

"I had been worried and upset and after taking my remedy I felt better in just a few days time. It was as if I couldn't feel bad if I tried. It was amazing how fast it worked and how effective it was."

Donna, West Senceca, NY

Nancy, Elma, NY

"The remedies definitely help me and make me feel better. They have made a difference in my life."


"Love the Bach Flowers! I found them to be a 'natural' way to help with daily stress issues. Becky is so good at zeroing in on which flowers I need by listeneing to what I have to say about the way I'm feeling. Thanks Becky!"

Sharon, Cheektowaga, NY

 Phyllis, Depew, NY